Saturday, 31 October 2009

House of Horror Best Of 2009 Anthology


The Ocean and my feet - Shells Walter
Little White Crosses - Kerry Morgan
The Making of Me - Chris Bartholomew
The Family - John Arthur Miller
Dead Love - Lucas Pederson
PussyKat - Allan Leverone
Neighbors - Angel Zapata
Theres always someone dying - Matt Baker
Scrabbled - Steve E. Lowe
Out of Order - Linda Evans
A New Way of Being - Davin L. Kimble
Acceleration - Natalie L. Sin
The Magnificent Maggot Face - Neil Buchanan
On The Third Day - Graeme Reynolds
A Job at the Blood Bank - Scott Wilson
The Cat Called Follow Me - Sean Greenhill
The Haunted - C.A. Dawson
Deadly Climax - Donna Jean Lyons
Getting Any Bites? - Shane McKenzie
The Waiting Room - Seve Mazy
Road Map - Chad McKee
Cicadas - Annemarie Boggart
Welcome Home - Rober C. Eccles
Caught in a Time Warp - Suzie Bradshaw
Staying Dead - AJ Brown
A Shot Gun Wedding - Matthew Glen Ward
Victor - Linda Manning
Stalkee - Gayle Arrowood
Figaro, Figaro - Norman A. Rubin
Cauliflower - Chris Reed
The Samhain Dance - Jesse Janicki


Ragnarok - Thom Olausson
Halloween - Sharon M. White
Graven Images - Ken L. Jones
Macabre! Macabre! - Roxanne Hoffman
Eternity's Basement - Samuel Minier
Mres Seatons Study - Kristine Ong Muslim
The Languishing - John C. Mannone
Killing You - Alba Spahi
A Zombie's Voice - Theresa C. Newbill


Milan Smith
Teresa Tunaley
Christopher Woods
Jack S. Rogers
Richard Sampson


Eric S. Brown
LB Goddard
Michael H. Hanson

This book will be available on pre-order from tonight, details to be given later.

Payment will be:

Stories $5
Poetry $3
Artwork $5

Interviews are not paid for.


  1. I don't understand it.It says there's a poem titled "Killing you" and when I previewed the magazine on it doesn't show up and the poetry list.Was it removed?