Sunday, 4 October 2009

Well October is here horror fans!

October - my favorite month of the year! Nights are drawing in earlier, yet it is still relativly warm in the evenings with a light wind. Halloween is almost upon us. A time for the elderly to double lock their doors, home owners to stock up on Candy and children to figure out what their tricks will be this year.

In actual fact, nothing really happens around here on Halloween. I may let me eldest go trick or treating as we live in quite a close knitt village where we know pretty much every one who lives here - no doubt her friends will be doing it this year as they are a little older. She has a costume, she will beg me to let her wear it so I may just cave in. I of course will stock up on candy and will probably carve one - just one (we're still in a rececession ya know!) little pumpkin for the front window.

As I am Wiccan, when the kids have gone to bed, I will be receiting my usual yearly chants etc, giving thanks to the goddesses for all the luck I have had this year.

Some things to look out for from House Of Horror:

Creature Features is now available for pre-order by visiting the book shop at House Of Horror It should be ready for shipping just in time for Halloween so you will all have a great monster book to read.

Mausoleum Memoirs sales have fallen a bit. Please grab your self a copy of HOH's very first anthology.

The Special Edition Print Issue 2 is out 1st November, featuring the best of the last three months of stories, poems, art work, interviews and reviews. Look out for it and grab a copy for just £7.49

Tonight myself and L.B. Goddard - Editor of The Monsters Next Door ezine, will be appearing live on the Sonar4 mag Blog Talk Radio sho, talking about our recent projects. Please join us in the chatroom at 11pm UK time 6pm EST

A couple of new publishing ventures have been posted also, the guidelines are listed in blogs below.

I think that is pretty much it for now. Hope you join us for the interview - House Of Horror will be giving some special prizes away too!

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