Thursday, 1 October 2009

Creature Features Anthology - Final Line-Up

Earthen Demons - Kerry Morgan

The Lake - Jack Burton

The Things Lullabye - Rick McQuiston

The Promise - Terrence Kuch

The Third Floor - William Pauley III

Butter Flower - A.J. Brown

So That's How the Cookie Crumbles - A.E. Churchyard

The Messers - Suzie Bradshaw

Jonah and the Dead - Eric S. Brown

Lunatic Brigade - Kevin Wallis

What is Left Behind - John C. Lewis

Night Crawler - Donna Jean Lyon's

Manifestation - John Bruni

Mardi Growl - Shane McKenzie

Returning to Eden - Jameson T. Caine

The Thought Things - Jeff Skinner

Mine - C.A. Dawson

Wet 'N' Wild - William Wood

The Worms - Deborah Walker

The Beast of Hindu Kush - Steve E. Lowe

Derelict - William WildeOscar - Doug Murano

Big Sisters Get What They Deserve - Kathryn Ehrlich

Tooth - Philip Harris

Breaking and Entering - Stephanie Scarborough

Then Silence - Philip Frank

Incubites - S.E. COX

The Lake Pact - David Bearnstein

Beach Comber - Kevin White

Creature Features (Poem) - Charlotte Gledson

Introduction - John C. Lewis

All stories will be illustrated by the fantastic Shane McKenzie

Cover art by Kaolin Fire .

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  1. Impressive line-up! Thanks for posting this.