Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Can you Defeat Death? House Of Horror Duelling Rules!

Ok we've had so much response for this and have around 20 competitors so far.The first duel will begin October 31st.

Dwight (The Fright) Patterson 'V' Nightmare!

Prompt: Horrotica

Word Count: 1500 words.

Both Stories will be displayed in 'THE DUNGEON' of House of Horror with one comment/vote box and will run for 7 days. Readers can leave a small comment but must make it clear who they vote for within their comment. On the 8th day, the winner will be announced and also the new contender will be contacted and the next prompt will be set. The next duel will have four days to prepare their story and will go up on the 14th day.

So in effect there will be a new duel every two weeks. Please join in with the votes. Reminders will be left here, facebook and myspace. The contest will run for 12 weeks and the winner of the final duel will win all the prizes and will be the reigning champion into the second contest.

I hope to make this a regular thing if everything goes well.

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