Saturday, 3 October 2009

New Publishing Venture.

Dreams And Screams
John Arthur Miller (JAM) from Liquid Imagination has come up with a publishing idea involving (so far) 6 publications:
Lame Goat Press, House of Horror, Silver Blade, Liquid Imagination, Static Movement and Aurora Wolf

What we are going to do is take two stories from each publication listed here and two totally new stories never before published and put them all in a book entitled: Dreams and Screams - it's a Fantsay/horror book. Here is the pay scale:

Each story is paid $10.00.

Cover artist would receive $10.00.

We'll have one poem to launch the work. Poet receives $10.00.

If you want to be a part of this on the House Of Horror side, please email your submission to place Dreams and Screams in the subject line and write a short bio. Stories must be between 3-5000 words but not exceed 5000 words. No Horrotica and no child abuse/violence. Stories must be of a horror/fantasy nature.

The final four chosen authors will be contacted and told of the next stage and their contracts.

My two favourite stories have already been chosen so there are only two spaces left for new stories.

Submissions must be BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE SEEN stories and cannot be simultaneously submitted to any of the other publications involved in this project. You can of course submit a story to each of the publications but not the same one.

We will ask for first anthology printing rights and payment will be made via paypal upon publication

This will be published by LIP (Liquid Imagination Publishing)

The deadline is somewhere around two months...

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