Thursday, 8 October 2009

Can you defeat Death? House Of Horror's Writing Duel!

House of Horror are looking for duellers to fight to the death with words of terror. Two challengers take the stand, they have one week to write a 1000 story based on the House Madam's prompt.
The two stories will be put up at the House of Horror for three weeks and the public will vote on a winner. The Winner and the new competitor will be announced one week before the next issue goes out.Only one will win. The Grim Reaper takes away the loser in shame and the winner stays on. (The looser will receive a banner for their efforts to display on their webpage and sticks and bookmarks in the post.)
The contest will run for twelve weeks beginning on the 31st October. The champion will win a collection of prizes - Books, T-shirt, book marks, stickers and a yearly subscription to the House Of Horror special print Edition.Who is ready for a challenge?
Contact the House Madam! at with your duelling name and you will be placed on the list.


  1. Now this sounds like mucho fun. Count me in. I'll spread the word.

  2. Excellent!! You need to email me with your fight identity.