Thursday, 1 October 2009

Mausoleum Memoirs Book Trailer!

Everyone knows where they can find a haunted house. Some may have even lived in one, taken a tour of one, or even just simply set up a den in an old abandoned one as children. There are so many stories of ghosts and paranormal activity plaguing these interestingly old buildings, but who knows whether these spooky events are facts or fictitious? We all live in a society where a good old haunted house ghost story is the height of every child’s sleepover, or a party at Halloween, but have you ever experienced anything that is even close to being terrifying?
‘Mausoleum Memoirs’ holds thirty haunted house stories, written by very talented writers of the horror fiction community.
This anthology is hosted by House of Horror ezine, an on-line magazine for horrific tales, poems and erotic stories, along with book reviews, author interviews and upcoming horror movie-trailers.
You can check out the site and see what we are all about. Mausoleum Memoirs will ultimately rekindle those lost thoughts of that strange house in the middle of nowhere; unusual activity emanating from it – especially on Halloween. Mausoleum Memoirs is a book to read when you need to give yourself a good scare.
If you love a good horror story, then Mausoleum Memoirs is for you!

Editor, House of Horror ezine

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  1. Gives me the creeps...and what's better than that?

    Very excited to rub my eyes on those pages.