Friday, 8 October 2010

Just a thank you to everyone and updates from House of Horror

I just wanted to show my appreciation to everyone who has supported House of Horror as we head into our second year of publication. All of you who have submitted your stories and shared links with friends, it is you who keep House of Horror alive. Without your submissions, House of Horror would cease to exist. We now have over 100 members at House of Horror and if you haven't joined us yet, please do. Every month you will recieve an emailed newsletter every month to keep up to date with everything that is going on including a first look at open sub calls for special issues and anthologies.

I also want to say a huge thank you to my hard working staff. Charlotte Gledson, for taking poetry submissions and choosing the best and Nandy Ekle, for copy editing the anthologies and other works that come through the doors of House of Horror, its a well oiled team with us girls at the helm. And also a big thank you to AJ Brown for proof reading works for me and the artists who do book covers for us too.

After Christmas, we do not plan on doing any anthologies for at least 6 months. Instead, weare embarking on a new adventure and taking novel submissions. We already have two being looked at and I hope to receive more over the next 6-12 months. This also includes poetry collections, sort story collections and chap books. All works will be looked at by all three editors and we will all work together to bring out some fantastic titles. For this seperate venture, we may open up a new site just to keep it seperate from House of Horror Ezine.

If you have any last minute submissions for the special halloween edition of House of Horror out on the 31st October, please get them in asap. I am already working on the issue but will accept submissions until I am finished.
Submissions for Tales of a Woman Scorned Anthology are now closed. The book should be available in around 3 weeks time.

House of Horror Best of 2010 is now available for pre-order from the House of Horror Book Shop. 300 pages of pure terror from behind the doors of House of Horror. The book is filled with stories, poetry, artwork, interviews, book reviews and also work from the editors too. You can pick it up now for £11.99 HERE

The Duel Anthology is now on sale for just £9.99 including shipping from the House of Horror Book Shop. This anthology is a collection of all the stories and duellers that took part in the House of Horror Duel. 14 competetors took part but only one won. It was a lot of fun and please, if you would like to join in the next duel, keep your eyes open for news updates when it will start.

Last of all, please please please go and pick up one of books. If you do and you quote a contributors name, then said contributor will receive a royalty payment of $5 each time and also £1 from every sale goes into a childrens charity fund. If everyone who is a fan of House of Horror just bought one book, just think how much we could pledge this year for Children in Need.

Thank you so much to everyone and hope to work with some new writers and some golden oldies very soon. For now, I hope your nights are filled with bloody nightmares and your days are filled with terror.

Darkets Regards

The House Madam!
Editor, House of Horror


  1. Thanks to all at House of Horror for selecting one of my stories for Stitched Up! and another for the website. It's an excellent site and you all do great work! Cheers!

  2. Hey Joleen did you realise that you are in The Best of 2010 too?

  3. House of Horror were the first people to actually publish my work so a big thank you for that. I sent the link to EVERYONE, lol.

  4. Thank R.R. Jones, you are very welcome and thank you for posting the link :)

  5. What? No, I didn't realise! Wow, cool! Thanks again in that case!