Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Duel: The Next Level

The Duel is once again upon us. The House Madame had so much fun the last time, she wishes for more brave contenders to sign away their lives and fight to the death in her dungeon.

Do you have the guts to put your name forward?

But last time was way too easy. This time, the Madame has reduced the word count to just 500words. Now you're really beginning to question your bravery aren't you?

We're looking for 30 brave contenders to sign up with their dueling names before the 3oth of November 2010. There is an entrants fee of $3 this is to cover the price of the prizes and anything left over, cash prizes for the top three contenders.

The Game

Every 2 weeks, two writers are given a prompt and have three days to write a 500 word story. They then email them to the House Madame where they will be posted in the dungeon at House of Horror They have 7 days to get as many votes as possible and the winner stays on and the next contender goes up. The winner of the final round will play two other plays that had the most winning rounds before they were knocked out. The overall winner takes home the prizes of books, t-shirts and cash. All stories then go into an anthology which those three will receive a free copy of.

Scared yet?

If you wish to sign up please click the link below which will take you to paypal. Pay the fee then email your receipt along with your real name and your dueling name to

Many will join, but only one will be victorious. Will that be you?
Good luck people... You're guna need it!


  1. I've got loads to do re the plagiarism thing, but when I'm done with that, I'll be back to visit. You have a really interesting site.

  2. Thanks Rick. Much appreciated and good luck with all of that with the idiot.

  3. Too bad this falls during NaNoWriMo. 500 words is a piece of cake. I just expanded a zombie flash to 300 words for another anthology.

    Oh I see, we have all of November to let you know. Let me know closer to the deadline if you still have openings. I would be willing to take a gander at this. I just need to get this novel out of my system first.

  4. sure, no problem. Yeah last year we started around December so I am giving peopleplenty of notice to sign up. I'm really only looking for 30 contestants but if we get more then so beit and the prize money goes up :)