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HOH Best of 2010 Line up SO FAR. . .

House of Horror Best of 2010 Line Up.

Please Check if your name and story appears in the list. If it does then please email with confirmation that your story can be used in the anthology. Unfortunately there is no upfront payment for this book, but royalty payments will be made when someone orders a book quoting your name. Also you will be able to purchase a copy with free shipping. If you are friends with someone in this list then please let them know also. Please post this on your facebook account, blog and myspace to makesure everyone sees it.

Thank you

Sam, Editor of House of Horror

Issue #8
The Rock Garden By Stacey Boli
Blind Date By John F Taylor
Bloody Cup By Kim Talafuse
Photography By Roy Walker

Issue #9
My Sweet Prince By Nandy Ekle
Rope – Gayle Arrowood
Lunch Date By R.A. Hunter
Shane Mckenzie Interview

Issue #10
My Final Masterpiece By Richard H. Fay
Dark Water By Geaorge Wise
Route Cobra By Jason Duke

Issue #11
Leech By Travis Gate
The Victim By Jason D. Brawn
Mike Patterson By Joleen Kuyper
Cactus Face By Joseph Hill
Lori Titus Interview
Night Knuckles Review

Issue #12
A Little Bit of Heaven By Aaron J. French
Presence By Charlotte Gledson
Death Comes in Pieces By Shells Walter
There's a Light By A.E. Churchyard
Family Legacy By John Miller
David Dunwoody Interview
Inside the Perimeter Review
Artwork By Darren James, Nick Rose and Sandy Swagger

Issue #13
A New Day By Alva J. Roberts
Pocket Giant By Gary McKenzie
Grandpa Jack O Lantern By Ken L. Jones
Price to Sell By Kevin L. Jones
Unbound and Other Tales Review
Ruthless Review
Eric S. Brown Interview

Issue #14
Phases By J. Derris Ward
Incarnation By E.W. Bonadio
The Disappearers By Jeffery B. Burton
Jerrod Brown Interview
Artwork By Bret Jordan
Articles By Shells Walter and A.E. Churchyard

Issue #15
Bad Teeth By Marc Lyth
Mayonaise By Neil Leckman
Serial By Stephen D. Nadaud II
Darkness Within By Ash Krafton
Kevin Wallis Interview
Suza Kates Interview
Whispers of a Witch Review
Lucky Stiff Review
Artwork By A.W. Gifford

Issue #16
Raggedy Hag By William Andre
The First Cut By Dorris Weller
Getting Home By David Bernstein
Dinners on the Table By Chris Dean
Tonia Brown Interview
Desiree Review
The Horror Zine Review
The Occult Files of Albert Taylor Review

Issue #17
Theatre of Pain By Lee Pletzers
Suffering Begins in the Mouth and Ends in the Belly By Alan Spencer
Blood Bound By Graylin Fox
The Secret By John Lewis
They Had Goat Heads Review

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