Saturday, 2 October 2010

Review of Desiree By Ken Goldman

Don't kiss Desiree Chappelle!

Desiree is a weird and wonderful tale by author Ken Goldman, of a young woman who literally possess the kiss of death. Anyone who gets close enough to touch her lips becomes madly obsessed with Desiree up until the point she is practically controlling their every thought and move.
On the outside Desiree looks and acts like a normal beautiful young woman, but even at the age of thirteen, she was desired by almost every adolescent boy. They all strangely wanted to be near her.

The story begins at Tommy and Tamara (twins) thirteenth birthday party. The young teens decide to play a game of spin the bottle. Tommy finally gets his wish to kiss Desiree Chappelle but at what cost? As Goldman puts it, it was Tommy's best birthday ever, but it would also be his last.

Goldman then takes us through various point in the characters life, winding strange little side tales within each section. There really are no chapters, just broken up sections. One thing that did annoy me about this layout, was that I occasionally got lost within the story because each section did not always follow suit. But it did make me go back to sections and made sure that I did not skip any parts. I did however like the twist that Goldman set up towards the end.

Desiree was published by Damnation Books in 2010, was edited and copy edited by Heather Williams and Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz. The cover art was created by Julie D'arcy and the book layout by Ally Robertson.

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