Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Duel Anthology Volume One is available now!

The long awaited Anthology of the House of Horror Duel is out now and available for purchase from The House of Horror Book Shop now and from Amazon in couple of weeks. Come grab a copy for just £9.99 with free shipping! Quote a contributors name on the paypal order and said contributor will receive $5 each time. £1 from every book sold goes towards our childrens charity where we hope to make a hefty pledge this coming November for Children in Need. The book is 150 pages long. Please look out for upcoming details on the next Duel coming soon...


Mandy Ward
Bob Eccles
Jared Blair

William Pauley
Sean Grigsby
Adam Bloomquist
David Harlow
Alan Baxter
Anne-Marie Bogart
Kaolin Fire
Lucas Pederson
AJ Brown
Sharon M. White

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