Monday, 30 August 2010

Review of Whispers of a Witch by Suza Kates

Whispers of a Witch is an enchanting tale of mystery, adventure and sexual awakening. The tale of Shauni, a young woman with the ability to talk to animals, takes us on a path of enlightenment where Shauni's life will change forever.

The story begins with nine young women suddenly sensing the need to pack up everything and move to the beautiful Savannah, but why, they do not know. It is a calling and they all must answer it. Shauni is one of them and takes her cat – who she can communicate with – along for the ride. It turns out that when all of the women come together, they all own cats and their names are unusually meaningful. The nine women are confronted with another young woman named Anna and are taken to a large secluded house where they are told why they have come together and what they must do.

Amongst the madness and the magic, Shauni manages to find love. The delicious Michael. And we know that he is delicious because Kates describes him in so much detail, you can feel your eyes glazing over and your heart pumping faster when he enters the scene. Even with all of her secrets, Michael wants her and will do anything to have her. But he too has his own secret and will eventually use it in a bid to save Shauni's life and inadvertently put his own in danger.

Kates has a remarkable way of expressing every little detail throughout the book. She concentrates on painting a picture so vivid, that the reader can almost smell th fresh air and feel the wind on their face. Her ability to make the readers read the words like they are playing out like a movie in front of their eyes.

I really enjoyed living Shauni's adventure with her and sharing her thoughts and feelings about her new life. And when things get hot and heavy with her new found love, well, lets just say I could not put the book down. I enjoyed the underlying tone of this book too. The fact that despite everything that is tossed in front of you, love and understanding can conquer all in the end. Even if there are bumps a long the way, fate will find a way for two people to come together.

I look forward to reading the next instalment of this enchanting tale and more from this wonderfully talented writer. If you are going to pick up a book this week, then let it be, Whispers of a Witch. This is one book that you can snuggle up with by the fire.

Exciting, enthralling and at times erotic, you will surely not want to put down Whispers of a Witch. Suza Kates is an upcoming name to look out for.

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