Thursday, 26 August 2010

A Pint of Bloody Fiction closed to submissions. ToC's announced

“200 Words” Neil Leckman

“Pistol Whipped” Dave Rex

“The Blade Bites Deep” Stanley Riiks

“Insomnia” Pat Lewis-Bussard

“The Toy” Charlotte Emma Gledson

“Jilted” Brian Barnett

“I love my Job” Gary McKenzie

“Jars” Neil Leckman

“Crimson” Meagan Elizabeth Hightower

“The Worse Thing I Ever Did” Jason M. Tucker

“The Yearning” Sara Saint John

"A Woman of Taste” Angel Zapata

“The Idol” Terence Kuch

“Ladies Man” Pat Lewis-Bussard

“Library Of Souls” Neil Leckman

“Night Song” B.A. Sans

“Home Movies” Kevin L. Jones

“Salvation” Gary McKenzie

“Rorschach's Vampire” Jason M. Tucker

“The Door” Adam Francis Smith

“The Devil's Quest” S.E.COX

“Instruments of Torture” Flo Stanton

“Spiders” Neil Leckman

“The Lady or the Vampire” Ken L. Jones

“The Shoot” Brian Rosenberger

“Funeral at Louisiana Bayou” Theresa C. Newbill

“The Winner” Gayle Arrowood

“Water's Pity” Chris Keaton

“Little Nikita” S.E.COX

“Down a Hole” Gary McKenzie

“Gift Wrap” Neil Leckman

“In the Moment” Nandy Ekle

“The Good Husband” Christina Hugh

“Bellies Bucket” AJ Brown

“Faceless” Nate Burleigh

“Shard” Brandon L. Rucker

“Jack” Francis W. Alexander

“Three Degrees of Freedom” Theresa C. Newbill

“Lost Connection” Neil Leckman

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