Monday, 30 August 2010

Review of Lucky Stiff by Tonia Brown (Explicit Content and Language)

Well, what can I say about Lucky Stiff! This book had me roaring with laughter, biting my lip in tears and almost all the way through it trying to force myself NOT to read the book with one hand! Tonia Brown is an amazing writer of horrotica. Her ability to make each and every scene something new and unique is amazing, afterall there is only so many words you can use for the male and female genitalia!

The story begins with young Peter Lyles visiting New Orleans with his friends for spring break. But of course he isn't into the partying his scene much to his friends despair. After studying hard, all Peter wants to do is rest, relax and enjoy the scenery. But for some reason he cannot seem to switch off and rest. Stupidly, he accepts what he thinks are sleeping pills off one of his friends and winds up dead. Of course you would think that was where the story ends. But you are so mistaken. This is where the story begins.

Peter's friends drag his body to the house of a mystery voodoo witch where she is able to bring his body back. But there is a catch. He an only come back as a zombie. But no ordinary zombie. He is still looks and acts relatively human.

After saying goodbye to his friends and telling his mom and dad he won't be going back to school or coming home for a while, Peter lives with the voodoo witch, Madame Sangrail where she teaches him how to stop himself from eating human flesh like the M.O of a zombie. The only way for him to do this is to feed off the light given off when a woman orgasms. Madam Sangrail teaches him all kinds of things until it is time for him to leave the nest and go out into the world, and even make a visit back home to see his mom and dad. This he does, but things don't go so well.

Peter travels the world, shagging his way through the female population to feed his hunger, and meets a whole load of people. He even works for an escort agency and his new Madam, Niki, advertises his services as a vampire escort. He uses a range of medical conditions to explain his features, one of which is a constant erection and the inability to come.

I loved this book. At times, I wondered whether the sex was over-done as there was a sex act on almost every page, but the rest of the story balanced it out well and Tonia's ability to take it from the boring x goes into y, made it a much more interesting read.

I have never really been into zombie stories, but this mix match of zombies, love, hate, sex and rivalry and betrayal was exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed joining Peter on his journey to sexual enlightenment.

There really is only one word to describe this book and that is H.O.T. Trust me, once you start this story, you better cancel all dates, unhook the phone and turn off the TV. You are in for one hell of a ride and you will not want to put this book down until you have ridden Peter all the way. Let him take you to the brink, let him dangle you there while you scream his name and let him FUCK the living daylight out of you!


  1. Horrotica seems to be a growing genre, this one sure sounds interesting!

  2. oh it is. I urge you get a copy. It's amazing!!