Sunday, 15 August 2010

Pandora's Apothecary Anthology Submissions Call

Pandora's Apothecary

What we are looking for:

Six stories of 5000 words or more about doing something, going somewhere or opening something that you know you shouldn't. These stories should be about curiosity taking over even though you know that it will unleash all kinds of terrors. The premise behind the anthology is that each story is the contents of a sealed jar in Pandora's apothecary.

How we want it:

Please paste submissions into the body of an email and send to Text should be Times New Roman 12pt single spaced, all paragraphs indented and no gap between paragraphs. Scene breaks should be represented by three * * * with two spaces between each asterisk.

Please also provide us with your real name, byline and Paypal information within the body of the email.

Reprints, Multiple ans Simultaneous submissions:

We will not accept any of these for this anthology. We want brand new stories – never before seen. We also do not want to be messed around with losing stories because they were submitted elsewhere. Please submit to House of Horror and only us. Please send just one story to this anthology. Should we reject your story then please feel free to send us another one – not before.


We are purchasing first world rights for a period of six months after publication. After which, all rights will be returned to you. Once rights are returned, you are the free to submit your story as a reprint elsewhere, but we ask that you mention that it was published first in Pandora's Apothecary.


We are offering $15 per story paid upon publication via Paypal only. Make sure your Paypal information is included in your submission.

Please note, no payment will be made without the signing of the contract.


We aim to have this anthology out before Xmas which means leaving the editors with at least a month for editing and formatting. With this in mind we have set the deadline at no later than October 31st. That being said, we also hold the right to bring the deadline forward if we think that we have our six stories.

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