Thursday, 26 August 2010

Anthology Call ~ Tales of a Woman Scorned

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Tales of a Woman Scorned

This anthology will be a collection of all those stories of what women will do to get what they want. From bunny boilers, to black widows, we want to read your darkest stories about these psychotic women.

Story Guidelines

We are looking for stories of between 2000-5000 words. Reprints are welcome as long as you have permission to sell your story again.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should be pasted into the body of an email. We do this simply to keep out any computer viruses as the editor’s laptops and computers are most precious to us, and also it makes for an easy transfer from editor to editor without constantly having to download an attachment. Anyone who sends us an attachment will not be read and their submission will automatically be deleted without notification.

Please only send one submission at a time. This means no multiple submissions. By all means, if we reject a story, then send us another – this goes for the poets too –one submission only! Simultaneous submissions are OK as long as you let us know if it has been accepted elsewhere whilst sat in our queue.

Put “Tales of a woman scorned/title/wordcount” in the subject line and send all submissions to and please be aware that your submissions may be shipped around for second or third opinions.

Please note that anyone who is a friend of the editor or from another publication/eZine etc, their work will be stripped of identity and sent to another editor for reading. I do not want to be biased when reading for this anthology. Theoretically as Editor in Chief, I will have the final say, but I will take into consideration the comments and notes from the other editors before making my decision.

Please format your submission with the following:

12pt Times New Roman – no other font please. Single spaced with a 2cm paragraph indentation. No returns after paragraphs. Mark scene breaks with three stars with two spaces between each one e.g. * * *

All em dashes – must be true hyphens – with no spaces between words. Sentences in Italics should be in italics, not underlined.

In the body of an email before your submission, please introduce yourself, maybe tell us a little about the story – we like to hear about writers that submit to us, not a lot of publications do, but we want to get to know our writers and also include an interesting bio of 100-200 words. Please make your bio’s interesting. We do not want a reel off of publications and websites, pick your favourite three and keep it at that.

Open to submissions now and closed when full. We’re looking for about 30 stories for this fun anthology so get yours in as soon as you can. Expect to be put on a short-list or a rejection. Acceptances will be given out when we have all chosen stories.

Expected Publication date:

Mid to late Octopber 2010


We offer $5 per story and $3 per poem, Also we have a contributor's royalty scheme. Upon publication, each contributor will choose their own reference number. Any books bought quoting their unique reference number, said contributor will recieve a further $5 or $3 via paypal depending on whether they had a story or poem published. There is no limit to how many books you can sell quoting your reference number, the more books that you sell, the more money you make.


We are also looking for some plain black and white sketches to open the anthology - just two or three. If you would like to submit any sketches in keeping with the theme of the anthology then please use the same channels as story subs. All pieces accepted will receive $5 per sketch.

Have fun writing and I look forward to reading all of your stories!

~ S.E.COX – Editor in Chief, House of Horror

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