Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wana earn some extra cash?

I can vouch that this is not a scam. I take part in two of these sites and make good money from this one and I earn vouchers from the other one. Its a great way to make just a litle extra funding, especially people like the most of us who aren't working but trying to fund our sites. Its easy to navigate and it pays via paypal or cheque. If you are interested in having a go then sign up here: Sign up here

Here it is:

Welcome to!!! We wanted to introduce you to the site and let you know about some VERY EXCITING things that are going on at SC right now! Getting Started: If you visit the How To page, all information in regards to getting started can be found there, including a link to our step by step visual tutorial. Making FREE Cash: You may be skeptical about how you can complete free offers and get paid for it, well here's the answer: Advertisers want exposure, and the more people they reach, the more money they make, and the larger their companies will grow. Some offers do require a monetary investment, such as product trials. While some trials are free, some cost a few bucks for shipping and handling. We also have shopping offers, where you actually get an item you want and in return we give you cash for purchasing it! What could be better than FREE cash?! When completing offers you'll receive both real money and casino chips. Legitimacy: We also know there are a lot of scams on the internet, this is why we have set up a proof of payment section within our forum. Check it out to give you peace of mind about our program. Why SquishyCash? Here are a few more reasons why SquishyCash is the BEST GPT (Get Paid To) site on the net: Contests & Promotions, Random Cash Promo Code, Monthly Loyalty Bonus, Huge Referral Program, Member Support, Quick Payments, Casino Chips, Squishy Slots and our Forum Community & Games! Contests & Promotions: We offer Daily, Weekly, and Monthly contests and promotions. On the Contests & Promotions page you will find a monthly of everything that's planned for the current month! We have given away over $50,000 since opening the site in March 2007 solely from contests and promotions! You are automatically eligible for all of our contests; all you have to do is complete offers! Random Cash Promo Code: SC offers a brand new $0.01 promo code that will appear randomly at least once every 15 minutes in the grey area above. Enter the code on the promo code page and have a chance at winning $0.01! The code is only good for the 1st person who enters it, so make sure you get it fast! This will be a good way to bump up your cashout! Monthly Loyalty Bonus: We also offer a loyalty bonus: Complete an offer (must be approved) everyday of the month and you'll receive your payment the 1st of the next month! Fee free!!! To check out further details of this monthly bonus click here. Huge Referral Program: Refer your friends and make CASH! When you refer a member to SquishyCash with your referral link, you will make 20% of their offer earnings, 5% of their referrrals earnings, and 2% of their referrals referrals earnings. Click here to view your personal referral links and banners. We also offer account upgrades, where you can catch blank referrals, so those members will be in your downline. Click here to purchase an account upgrade. Member Support: We pride ourselves in having amazing customer service! An account representative personally answers every email, support ticket, and forum post. You are the lifeblood of SquishyCash, so your success is our success! Never hesitate to contact us! Daily & Monthly Payments: We offer daily and monthly payments: All monthly payments are FEE FREE! If you'd like to receive a daily payment, your payment will be sent within 24 hours of cashing out! The only catch for daily payments is that we charge a 33% transaction fee. Casino Chips: When completing offers you'll receive both real money and casino chips. You can redeem these casino chips for cash, gift cards and other great prizes. Click here to visit the Prize Shop. Squishy Slots: We've introduced a brand new game to the site where you can win up to $100 per spin! We added 5 casino chips to your account when you signed up, so check out Squishy Slots now for your free spin! Forum Community & Games: We have a great, active, and thriving forum community. Join our forums and enjoy many great benefits: meet other SC members, ask questions, and participate in games! Check out the “Get Paid To Post” promotion. Make 3 posts a day and win a free casino chip! You'll find a daily trivia section on the forum where the top 15 trivia winners of the month win free casino chips! Click here to join our forum community today!

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