Wednesday, 16 December 2009

HOH Duel Round 6

Here it is. Sorry its a week late, we've all been really ill here and I don't just mean me and the kids LOL. BOth my neighbours are sick, my friend who takes my daughter school everyday - her kids are sick and her 4 month old baby has swine flu! My kids dad has been sick with a chest infection and both his mom and dad have swine flu.

Anyway, if you on't hear from me for a while its because Im trying to take some time away from the computer in a bid to build up some effort to do things. As of now I have zero energy and really cannot be boethered, and that is just wrong.

Running leader Jayradikill


Newbie Grim Squall

Can Jayradikill stick it out another week, or will Grim Squall shread in to pieces, all for the House Madams Goodies.

Who knows?

Two arrive, only one will leave. Who will it be? Only YOU can decide.

Who are YOU backing?

Save your Fav and vote now!

The Dungeon

Voting Ends Saturday 19th December