Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Introducing HOH's next Anthology...


Frightening Fables and Freaky Fairytales

Original Photography by Linda Manning

What I am looking for is stories such as Hansel and Gretal or Peter and the wolf but with a twist of horror. These stories don't need to have the morals within them at all just think about the horror element while keeping to the original Fable or Fairytale.

Stories from 500 words to no longer than 2000 words. I am looking at having about 30 stories in this book.

Official reading period begins 10th January but you can begin sending in your stories now.
Submission close when filled.

Acceptances/Rejections as I receive submissions.

Please send submissions to with 'FFFF' and the title of your story in the subject line. Include a short bio of around 100 words and be creative and unique. I don't want a list of your credits, just pick one or two you are most proud of.

Please paste your stories into the body of an email, single spaced, no indents and a hard return after paragraphs. Please indicate scene breaks with three stars with two spaces between each star * * *

Payment is $5 per story.

I am looking for ONE poem to open the anthology which will be paid $3. Please do not title your poem as if accepted it will be titled the same as th anthology.

Ok guys, have fun writing, I know you will!!


  1. This does sound interesting and fun. I am enjoying some of the visuals for inspiration on my altered doll addiction. I seem to be under some kind of Lucid Dream side effect has caused me to spend hours taking cute little dolls and creating a new darker life for them, since these dolls were thrown away and not loved anymore. I am not sure if there is a cure yet or even if this has hit the knowledge of the CDC yet, but I am coping as best I can by starting a new site on as "gothb4play" and so far it has helped me focus and my addiction will now stop overtaking flat every surface in my home. So thanks again for letting me visit and I'll try to think up something for you in my spare time.

  2. Do you accept previously published stories? I have a wickedly haunting take on Little Red Riding Hood that appeared in Space & Time...