Sunday, 4 July 2010

Review of Unbound and Other Tales ~ David Dunwoody

When I found that I would get the privilege of reading a book by David Dunwoody, I felt truly honored. I had heard a lot about this author around the web and in our writing community. His book, Unbound and Other Tales, did not disappoint me.

In this book of one novella and eight short stories, we explore the depths of Dunwoody's psyche and some may be afraid of what they find on the pages of this book. Some of the collection are stories previously published on and off the web in anthologies and magazines, while the others are new stories. Though I haven't completely finished reading the short stories in detail yet, I have a clear idea of the type of writer Dunwoody is and I like what I see. He has no boundaries – or not many, and will let the story speak to him rather than the other way around. You can most definitely see it in this book. The novella Unbound, held my interest right the way through. I was really intrigued by the story of horror writer, Matthew Rudd, whose evil character in his book comes to life to continue writing the series of brutal murder books, Rudd so desperately wants to bring to an end. The character Sharpe is an evil man, who drives up and down the 1-15 highway in his truck, delivering goods and murdering innocent people for kicks. On his travels he comes across victims from all walks of life. No one is too young or old or innocent for their life to end at the hands of him.

The main character 'Josh Talbot' believes along with Agent Logan that Sharpe in the Sharp books is actually the alter ego of Matthew Rudd. But upon find him after being missing for some time, Rudd pleads his innocence claiming that Sharpe has literally stepped out of his books and is on a real life killing spree.

Confused yet? Well you should be! This book will have you believing one thing, then having to second guess yourself. It is filled with numerous plot twists and exciting explanations. I for one, could not put it down.

If you're one for enjoying the psychoanalysis of an author when reading a book, then Unbound is most definitely one for you.

You can purchase a copy of Unbound and Other Tales from the Library of Horror Press. If you would like to learn more about this author, you can catch an interview with him in Issue #12 and also a more indepth interview when Dunwoody sits down with The House Madame in The Lounge, House of Horror's Blog Talk Radio.

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