Sunday, 4 July 2010

Review of Ruthless Anthology ~ Edited by Shane McKenzie Published by Pill Hill Press

When editor of Ruthless, Shane McKenzie first approached me with the idea for this Shock Horror anthology, he was actually working as an editor for House of Horror. I was a little unsure at first, I thought it too way 'out there' for our audience even though we are a magazine of horror. These days a lot of the so called horror that is put out to the public is so diluted that I don't know why it even as the word 'horror' associated with it. And that goes for films as well as books. You have to be very careful and very aware of political correctness when you are addressing the public in such a way that we are. But you know what? Why the hell should we? Its a simple case of if you don't like what we put out then don't read it!

Shane's idea of bringing together the most gruesome, vulgar, horrific pieces of writing, was ingenious and it works. Being one of the most popular anthologies on the web at the moment, sadly I wish I was apart of it. Unfortunately House of Horror was under so much pressure at that time and could not continue with the project. But stories had been chosen and contracts signed. Boy am I glad that Shane decided to take the project and go solo. He did everything so professional – from hiring a model and using special make-up effects and a professional photographer, to hunting down the famous Bentley Little of all people to write an introduction to the book.

Mr McKenzie worked so damn hard on seeing this project to the end and it most certainly paid off. I am holding a print copy now in my hands.

Regarding the stories themselves, well they are some of the sickest stories I have ever had the pleasure to read. The premise behind this book was to seriously make the reader question the sanity of the authors. And they did just that. My favorite stories have to be 'Crankin' by John Arthur Miller and 'To Boil' by Lucas Pederson. They have most certainly made me question whether I want to be associating with gruesomely awesome talented writers.

Ruthless was eventually picked up and published by Pill Hill Press and was brought out just recently. If you haven't gotten a copy already, I highly recommend that you do. Stop reading the boring teen claptrap horror and come read some real deep and terrifying horror for a change. With 19 stories and an introduction by Horror author Bentley Little, this anthology is not for the faint hearted. The morbid and macabre words on these pages will surely cause night terrors. Do not read near children. Do not read aloud. And one final warning; do not read alone after dark . . .

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